Depay feels strong enough for key role in Orange

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ZEIST, the netherlands – Memphis Depay is never satisfied. As a 21-year-old, he wanted to with the legendary number 7 on his back at Manchester United already have a role, as he is also in Orange wanted.

Memphis Depay

“A few years ago I was not constant enough and then you can do what want, but then I had not the high level that I now have,” says Depay. “I wanted every match will be decisive, but that I was not. In the past, I thought often about too many things. I really want to show that I’m in shape and strive to an even higher level.”

The flankspeler wants to apply. “Of course you want to always be decisive and also other teammates to a higher level drag. I know my qualities and it is important to get a good alignment within the team. I would like a role, Orange pushed and also believe that it can.”

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