Countries require improving situation in Cambodia

30298037f61fc3fa16a1e7d6283d8a7d - Countries require improving situation in Cambodia

PHNOM PENH – Cambodia must be the largest opposition party, reinstate, an opposition leader immediately release and ensure that the upcoming elections in July, honest and credible expired. There, a group of 45 countries in the Asian country insisted.

According to the United States, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom has optimism been replaced with a “deep concern” about the human rights situation in Cambodia. The declaration of the countries was read at the human rights Council of the United Nations.

The supreme court in Cambodia disbanded last year, the main opposition party CNRP. Also was the leader of them was arrested. The authorities in his country, accusing the politician of the USA to have conspired to seize power. He can be up to thirty years in prison.

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