Clement of departure Tribe: ‘This is bullshit’

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Most of the players of Reading regret the departure of trainer Jaap Stam. They thought his approach was good, its discussions and vision clear, and also the handling of the selection was fine.

Pelle Clement and blasts the ball away

Old-following his departure to chelsea Pelle Clement (21), since the summer, attacking midfielder of Reading Young and Orange, frustrated greatly from the dismissal of his trainer. ,,This is bullshit, I had this after last weekend also no longer see coming.’

,,That means that they are in any case long the conversation has been to make this decision,’ says Clement, who for the last two months, everything played after Tribe by the poor results though a cover had created with his team. ,,We are a better football, but you have to just to win games. Something depends, of course, in the air, if that not happens, but still it’s a bit weird that a trainer thrown out when players are not performing.’

,,Last weekend at Norwich City, playing soccer we are kind. But you blink twice with your eyes and there are two corners within.’ Reading lost with 3-2. ,,, Then again you have a huge mountain to climb.’

Read the entire article about the departure of Jaap Stam in The Dutch Telegraaf/Telesport of Thursday 22 march.

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