Christine & Salim Seghers bring duet from

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Singer Christine & Salim Seghers on Saturday, march 24 their duet. It happens not so often that the singer from the hills of Wijchmaal to Peer a duet release with a colleague. One of the most recent duets by Salim Seghers was placed on the market was with Bandit. At the end of last year he also recorded a christmas single with Bart Anneessens Cops.
This new single is titled “Keep your dreams”. Around 19 pm and the presentation at Bistro ‘t Catarakske, Hampstraat 1 3870 Heers. That evening, there is still a strong show of Phil, Kevin and Duo Classic Illustration. This last duo consists of lead singer, Steve Brandon and Sammy Jo. When in the year 2000, The Classic Illustration, known from major hits like “Darling I love you” it stopped went to Steve and Sammy solo and continue in that occupation, they come to ‘t Catarakske to Conquer.

Tickets are only at the box office to purchase, for the price of € 5. The single “Save your dreams” by Christine and Salim Seghers is available at € 4.

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