Catalan separatists divided over prime minister

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The Catalan separatist parties get not agree on a new prime minister. The anarchist CUP refuses to accept a majority to deliver.

Jordi Turull was yesterday put forward as a possible new prime minister. But those plans seem to be in the water to fall. The CUP that the four missing votes have to deliver, is obstructive. The party finds that Turull is insufficient stresses that he is for independence, and they blew the cooperation with the two other separatist parties.

The 51-year-old Turull was on the list of Junts per Catalunya, the party of Carles Puigdemont. Friday he gets the right to hear any charges against him to be formulated. He was one of the politicians who have been arrested for their role in the afscheidingsplannen of Catalonia.

If he is for Friday morning prime minister would be, would the Catalan separatists again on a collision course with Madrid. The Spanish government has previously said that she is a candidate who participated in the afscheidingsplannen would not accept.

Three months after the elections Catalonia again into the night without a minister-president. And it seems that the stalemate by the division for the separatists yet a time is going to last. That also means that article 155, that Catalonia under tutelage of Madrid proposes, remain in force.

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