’Bombings a result of problems of private life’

201688e8569a7c66a66b3788232e51ff - ’Bombings a result of problems of private life’

AUSTIN – The man who is suspected in the Texas Austin bombings to have committed, has done so because of problems in his personal life. That would appear from the sound recording on his phone that the police of the 23-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt in possession, reports CNN.

Mark Anthony Conditt

In the 25 minute sound clip explains Conditt, among others, how the six bombs are made. According to the police were on the sound, no feelings of hatred toward someone or something to hear back. The police claims that his actions primarily were the result of difficulties in his social life.

According to some media lived Conditt in Austin and he is at home by his mother, raised and taught, and so not gone to school. When the attacks came two people to life and became six people injured.

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