Bill Murray: like a fool at Elvis’ funeral

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Bill Murray has no regrets that he is without invitation to the funeral of Elvis Presley tried to attend.

The actor had no desire to stay at home after Elvis’ sudden death in the summer of 1977, so he travelled headlong to the estate Graceland. “I went straight to his house, where she has just finished with the prayer vigil”, recalled Murray in the tv-program Today.

The star then turned not immediately return home, but waited the funeral. Between the throngs of people who come to Memphis were raised, he met by chance a photographer that he knew. Eventually he ended up in a van for the funeral procession left.

“It was incredible to see, very special. Hundreds of thousands of people along the road on a sweltering day, all for a glimpse of his chest to catch”, described Murray the crowds.

Once we arrived at the cemetery hold the police in. “We were there early, and there was a kind of defined as people tried to come.” The tense atmosphere didn Murray, there is not the field to run in, but far he came not. “Suddenly, a motoragenten enter. They said: “another move and you die’. I stood as if rooted to the ground.”

When all the mourners arrived for the funeral of The King, drew Murray a lot of attention. Without knowing he stood at the grave of Elvis’ mother. “That was a very interesting moment.”

The heirs of the legendary rock’n ‘ roller take Murray the dollemansactie not more blame. The 67-year-old comedian even speaks regularly with his ex Priscilla Presley, he said.

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