Beyoncé promises wells to be built in Burundi

220923fd249827b53a752a1c27785213 - Beyoncé promises wells to be built in Burundi

Beyoncé goes wells graves in Burundi. That makes the 36-year-old singer along with Gucci and the organization Chime for Change. It comes to eighty wells. Certainly 120.000 women and children can benefit from it.

Beyoncé is since last year, together with Unicef, are active in Burundi. Under the heading of BEGOOD4BURUNDI works the singer to all kinds of initiatives for clean water in the country. For example, in 2017, in all 35 wells were constructed.

The projects of Beyoncé not only deliver clean water. Thanks to better hygiene and sanitation to walk the inhabitants, less chance of diseases and infections. For young girls, the wells are also important. They must often make long and dangerous go for walks to get water.

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