Belgium makes a mess of commemoration attacks Brussels

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BRUSSELS – Survivors of the terrorist attack on Zaventem airport are deeply disappointed about the course of the commemoration this morning. At 7.58 am, exactly two years after the attack, it would be a minute’s silence will be held.

When the minute of silence began, was for the present, however, unclear. There was no announcement announced, and the victims and their relatives were behind a ribbon, held at a distance of the historical marker. The prime minister laid the flowers rather down than planned. “Suddenly, we saw a door open and the government left,” says a present to VTM.

“No spectators,” says Guillaume Denoix de Saint Marc, the founder and director of a slachtofferorganisatie. “It is their loved ones who have died.” He says that prime minister Charles Michel the survivors also ignored. “He is the families do not come to salute when they cruised in to the hotel.”


Also, there was a technical problem with the speakers, so there is suddenly a loud buzz through the space. “This was such a beautiful moment,” says Danielle Iwens. She works at the airport, her colleague came in two years ago to life in the attacks. “I am very disappointed, this makes the sadness even greater.”

’Emergency services are forgotten.”

For the affected families remains the commemoration of a difficult day in which they many find support from each other. This year wanted to the ngos, the links with the first responders, the emergency services who are first on the spot came, tightening. “They were last year, what to forget”, says Philippe Vansteenkiste, that his sister lost in Zaventem.

In Brussels came during the attacks on march 22, 2016 32 people were killed. More than 300 people were injured. At Zaventem airport was this morning, a historical marker was unveiled with the names of the sixteen dead there when the attack fell.

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