Belgian footballers are laughing at the world cup-song Damso

e70180798a0f4b04335e7d530439b3ff - Belgian footballers are laughing at the world cup-song Damso

“It made me laugh.”That said, the Belgian footballer Vincent Kompany about all the commotion surrounding the world cup song by rapper Damso. About the song written especially for the Belgian football team was written, much to do because of the explicit lyrics of the rapper.

Captain Kopmany of the Red Devils, as the Belgian team is also known, calls the fuss is surreal. “The artist does his thing, he appears on stage and sell albums. It is not for us and the media to judge about what he does, the public should do that,” he says.

According to Kompany, the Belgian football association belgian football association can expect to Damso with his song for the fuss it would make. “That the union does not anticipate the problems made me laugh, because we have ourselves in that situation.” Damso is as big winner from the whole issue emerged, says Kompany.

Immediately after the world cup song was launched it broke the critical los. The national council of women demanded that the royal belgian football association the cooperation with Damso would stop it, and also the sponsors were not happy with the song. After a lot of fives and sixes was the rapper at the beginning of this month, set aside.

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