Austria waives ban on smoking in the hospitality industry

41ad3f88a1fa33e04de591f639d8276a - Austria waives ban on smoking in the hospitality industry

The Austrian parliament has, despite criticism of the planned smoking ban in pubs and restaurants back to the trash reference.

Normally had to the ban, set by the previous government was introduced, and in may go down. But the current governing parties, the conservative ÖVP and far right FPÖ, that measure is now undone.

Opposition and large parts of the society protesting for weeks against the plan of the government. A planned petition for a smoking ban is already in use by more than 543.000 citizens signed.

The FPÖ-politicians advocate for the freedom of choice of the visitors and denounce the ‘verbodscultuur’ in the country. The lifting of the ban was a key electoral promise of the vice-chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ).

The current system of separate smoking areas in cafés continues to apply. What is new is that young people under the age of 18 years any cigarettes more buy. Smoking in the car is also now forbidden if there are minors in the vehicle.

Austria is one of the last European countries where the hospitality sector smoking is still accepted.

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