Ailing Schiffmacher attracts visitors

bb7e2604ce83e7940e9aba81c0865ddf - Ailing Schiffmacher attracts visitors

The poor health of Henk Schiffmacher has benefit to him laid. On Radio 10 tells the tattookoning Thursday of Lex Gaarthuis that he is just more tickets for his tour, by sells.

Henk Shiffmacher

“I stand tonight, for example, in Geel, Belgium. Now, I’m eight days behind each other. So that’s pretty solid. The nice thing is that the whole room now filled with people who sit waiting for me to omval. Does it or does it not, say. I sell more tickets now than before that whole situation. But I’m not going to get a Tommy Coopertje to do that,” he says, referring to the British comedian during a live performance died.

The 66-year-old Schiffmacher since this week is back on stage with a theatre performance, in which he looks back on his life. At the beginning of march, he was rushed to the hospital with heart problems after he been for a while with breathing problems faced. He was, after two weeks out of the hospital.

The tattoo artist admits that his lifestyle must change: “It is the account of the life, that you now must pay. It means that you are now more prevalent in the hospital than you can in the pub. Too much moisture retention, the heart that is not running well. The drink is a factor in this story, yes.”

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