Actress Hilary Swank went tasjesdief chase in Paris

faf12cd521365f8dec90cb698bdcf45e - Actress Hilary Swank went tasjesdief chase in Paris

Hilary Swank in Paris, the chase is used on a tasjesdief. The actress, appeared in Million Dollar Baby, it had to eventually sit against the crook.

Swank was in the car when she was a huge slap heard. “I had my eyes closed. Suddenly I heard a loud, horrible sound. As if the car was rammed,” said the 43-year-old actress in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“It happened again, so I looked up and saw that somebody’s car window struck and my bag handle, on the highway, in traffic.”

The U.s. did not, and continued the chase on the tasjesdief. “I was just behind him running up to me. He turned and looked at me like he wanted to me installation. It was only when I stopped, because I realized that this was no movie it was but the harsh reality. This happened really, and no one called ‘cut’. When ceased my pursuit.”


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