Activist jumps down in the Dutch parliament: “I must do this’

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A man is Thursday from the balcony of the public gallery in the Dutch Second Chamber jumped. According to Dutch media it is a well-known activist, who as possible, with an attempt to suicide to the attention wanted to draw on his battle for the legalisation of cannabis. The man would still be alive.

The incident took place this afternoon when Arno Rutte, a member of the Second Chamber for the VVD, the word was in a debate about organized crime. On images (see below) is to see how he is scared of something that is in his field of view play. ‘It seemed as if someone from the balustrade fell’, said Rutte at The Telegraph. “But it appeared to be a suicide attempt.”

The staff of the Second Chamber does not wish to spend more than that there was ‘an incident in the public gallery in the plenary hall. The plenary hall was cleared and an ambulance came on the spot. A stretcher was brought in, and workers have on the victim is important. The man would, according to the witnesses are still alive.

“I must do this’

According to various media goes to Hans Kamperman (65), a well-known activist. He is protesting for weeks in the Second Room for the legalisation of cannabis. Kamperman would be action announced on his Facebook page: “Dear family and friends, forgive me this deed.’

“I can politics not be reached”, says Kamperman, who is the political cannabis criminalizes. “I have a solution for a sustainable earth and stand here for two months to ask attention for users of medicinal cannabis by this government are discriminated against.’


“It was horrible”, responded to SP Member of parliament and an eyewitness Michiel Van Nispen, which are not about the incident want to talk about.

Anyone with questions about suicide, you can visit the Zelfmoordlijn on the toll-free phone 1813 or

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