Accomplice He may get used to freedom

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VILVOORDE – Michel Lelièvre, the former accomplice of a child molester and murderer Marc Dutroux, may recently get used to freedom. He recently released 36 hours outside of the prison walls. That will be the next time, with some restrictions, to make more happen. His lawyer Benjamine Bovy has that Thursday, told the Belgian tv station VTM.

From left to right: Marc Dutroux, Jean-Michel Nihoul (who was acquitted of involvement in the kidnapping, and only five years in prison got) and Michel Lelievre.

The now 46-year-old Lelièvre received for the kidnapping of the victims of Dutroux 25 years in prison. That he has about three more years served, reason for him now to give permission to prepare for a return in the society.

Condition for his first proefverlof was that he wouldn’t show in the provinces of Limburg, both in Belgium and the Netherlands and in Flemish-Brabant. Also the German state of North rhine-Westphalia and the city of Ans were forbidden.

Michelle Martin, the ex-wife of Dutroux, is already five years parole. Dutroux was given for multiple murder and rape to life imprisonment. Attempts for him proefverlof to arrange fetched so far nothing.

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