2x Willy Naessens and Marie-Jeanne, for the price of 1

56a86111ab0dc0c1816c73dbaedaee36 - 2x Willy Naessens and Marie-Jeanne, for the price of 1

Against The Stars On Thursday 22 march to its last episode of the season, but not without the well-known Flanders for the last time to treat you to an amusing mirror image. That applies in advance for the eternally young entrepreneur Willy Naessens and his inseparable partner, Marie-Jeanne, in a tête-à-tête with their look-alikes (Walter Baele and Nathalie Meskens). An interview in which neither the emulators nor the real Willy and Marie-Jeanne, a sheet for the mouth take…

Against The Stars could be the first images of The Mol already get and bring them Thursday exclusively at VTM. What exciting tests will be the participants this year the subject? Gilles De Coster (Walter Baele) the party will be fixed. All rice at him the question: has no one to me missed?

Jonas Van Geel and Ivan Pecnik crawl for this last show in the skin of their comic heroes, Guests, and Leo. They take place on the balcony and doorspekken the entire episode with their hilarious comments and jokes from the old box.

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