Waylon popular with bookmakers

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The Dutch entry for the Eurovision song Contest is well-received. At the bookmakers is Wayons Outlaw in ’Em on a ninth place. With that result would be the Netherlands for the third time this century a place in the top ten to score.


Whoever bet on the Netherlands, for each, on average, euro 18 euro back if our country with the victory in Lisbon off. It is a good starting position for the Netherlands, but it is hoped that #TeamWaylon the a lot better going to do.

Meanwhile, all 43 entries for the Eurovision song Contest a thick week, and have the bookmakers on the phenomenon of paid. The absolute favourite is the chatty singer from Israel, followed by the operalied from Estonia and the hip sing-along from the Czech republic. The James Bond-like number from Belgium is currently in fourth place.

Eurovision in Concert

Whom one euro on Israel bet gets to profit from the country of 1.40 paid. At the bookmakers is the potency of the entries are estimated on the basis of the now well-known information, such as the quality of the song, as well as the video clips. At the bottom of the bookmakers dangling Slovenia, San Marino, Switzerland and Iceland. Who for 1 euro gambling on a victory of these countries, when the profit thereof, so a 250 euro or with some bookmakers even 500 euros for back.

The next showdown under the entries takes about three weeks take place in Amsterdam during Eurovision in Concert. Then, approximately twenty countries with their entry on the stage of the AFAS Live show. Then find usually adjustments in the scores at the bookmakers. If the rehearsals in Lisbon, start on the 29th of april next, it becomes clear what effect the entries on tv will have.

The tv broadcasts of the Eurovision song Contest will take place in the second week of may.

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