Vogelsterfte on French countryside ’dramatic’

6cb5ea971b63f3e1dbd3da5108c26a71 - Vogelsterfte on French countryside ’dramatic’

AMSTERDAM – Not only in the Netherlands and Germany, but also in France is the vogelsterfte dramatic forms. In the last 15 years, the number of birds in the French countryside declined.

Not only sparrows suffer from the use of pesticides, birds such as the pipit are in the French countryside in number by a two-thirds decline.

“The French countryside is rapidly becoming a veritable desert,” said Benoit Fontaine, a biologist and author of a study of the vogelsterfte in the countryside. Cause is the intensive use of pesticides in the cultivation of grain. Especially in the middle of France, there is a monoculture where vast fields only grain is grown.

The pesticides are mainly to the result that the insects where the birds for their food depend on, virtually disappear. Recent studies from Germany indicate that the number of insects with 80 percent has fallen, which has resulted in 400 million less in a time frame of thirty years. Especially in the last two years is the vogelsterfte greatly increased.

Also in the Netherlands there is a large decrease in the number of birds in the countryside. Guilty it is especially the ’green desert’, the meadows where only perennial ryegrass for dairy cows is sown and where barely insects avoid.

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