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Verstappen: “I’m the new Vettel-project’ at Red Bull”

37391719521429aa9ac54793ceba5640 - Verstappen: "I'm the new Vettel-project’ at Red Bull"

Max Verstappen sees himself as the new project of Red Bull talent-scout Dr. Helmut Marko, so he lets know to the German ‘Auto Bild’.

Last year, made Max Verstappen and Red Bull announced that they until the end of 2020, with each other to go further. That is along both sides for a show of confidence and it seems that they are at Red Bull all want to do to the young Dutchman is a champion, was something that Helmut Marko in the past, with Vettel already succeeded.

“I’m his new project,” said Verstappen on Helmut Marko. “He wants to be the Vettel-story once again, and back to be world champion.

“Records are important for Seb, I know that. I would personally also like it, but it is not really necessary for me, as long as I but a-time world champion can be.”

World champion can only be if all the puzzle pieces in the right place. In the case of Red Bull and Verstappen would that mean that the Austrian formation, reliability and consistent performance should be linked to the speed and talent of the young Dutchman.

“I want to have a more consistent season and less uitvalbeurten than last year,” says Verstappen in the Dutch pay-tv channels ‘Ziggo’. “It would be nice, I had to once again be able to win, and for the first time a pole to achieve.”

Verstappen also realises that he himself need to work and that his youthful turbulence may not always be desirable in a titelgevecht.

“In a fight for the title, I would be less risk-taking because a second place you closer to your goal than a task that requires just a different approach. Last year, I wanted to what the cost of winning because I had nothing else to lose but I do believe that I know exactly what I need to do to become world champion,” concluded Verstappen.

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