Van Marwijk: ’First acquaintance very positive’

2811252dfdc9ef11c6a0502a4343841f - Van Marwijk: ’First acquaintance very positive’

The Dutch squadron in the staff of the Australian national team until the world cup expanded with Jürgen Dirkx. The ex-defender of PSV is training with the Eindhoven club, together with Mark van Bommel the Under 19 team.

The Socceroos will train under the watchful eye of Bert van Marwijk

As well as Van Bommel has Dirkx of PSV the space given to Bert van Marwijk to stand aside on the road to the world cup in Russia. “I am happy with the contribution of Jürgen. We only have short time to prepare us for the world cup and we can use extra power to good use”, says Van Marwijk, who, in his job, also supported by Roel Coumans, and Taco van den Velde.

The circumstances in which Van Marwijk in Oslo for the first time to get started with the Socceroos, are not optimal. It is cold, there is still plenty of snow and the winter weather has left its mark on the fields. “But the boys complain not about anything. This is a great group with a lot of drive. The first impression is very positive”, says Van Marwijk, who Friday with a practice game against Norway makes his debut as coach of Australia. “We only have a few days to train, so very much we can not do it. You can also not too many changes in one commit, because then you create confusion. The real training comes only when we will in the preparation for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS three weeks.”

That preparation will Australia finish in Turkey and has no interruption by a uitzwaaiwedstrijd in their own country. In the short term, there could be no appealing opponent more often be coming to Australia wanted to come. Van Marwijk will not have to grind, because he more hours of training with the Socceroos. “It is a pity that we’re just as late, but that was known when we got on. We’re going to have the maximum trying to get.”

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