Tina Turner forgives Ike abuse

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Tina Turner is forgiving. The pop-diva says that her former husband Ike Turner, the years of abuse has been forgiven now that she is older.

“Now that I am older, I have forgiven him,” says the 78-year-old Tina to The Times in an interview. “But to work with him, I have never been able to. He has me have ever asked you to have a tour to do and I said: ’No, absolutely not’. Ike was not the type of person that you’ll be back in your life could.”

Ike, who in 2007 died, keeps her thoughts still busy. She dreams, sometimes, about him. “I don’t know where the dream exactly about, but they are there. The violence and my anger are gone. Sometimes I wonder if I something about.”

The couple divorced in 1976, a separation that was only in 1978 was completed. In an autobiography from 2001 recognized Ike more or less that he Tina blows gave, sometimes even to the ground hit, though he said also that he never really has been beaten. Since their separation recorded Tina large solosuccessen with songs like Private Dancer and Better Be Good to Me.

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