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The Chameleon from 21 april on tv

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The new youth series The chameleon is from 21 april to see. From then on, experience Hielke and Sietse Klinkhamer again exciting adventures with their boat.

Steven de Jong directed The chameleonseries, which is based on the books of Hotze de Roos, of which the first is already in 1949. In this new series is king Willem-Alexander visit to the Frisian village of Equivalents where the twins Hielke (Duke Huisman) and Sietse (Scott Huisman) Klinkhamer lives. The villagers grab the big tree to the king festive to receive, but the defendant, mr. Verschuere (Bas Muijs) threatens a spanner in the works throw.


In addition, Hielke and Sietse also familieleed. Because Beppe –granny is demented to be. Mum and dad Klinkhamer take Beppe in the house, but there are differences of opinion about the best care.


Also Hielke and Sietske escape, unfortunately, not the modern time and therefore they get to deal with the refugee family Tekeste. The daughter of the family, Aranchi, a girl of the same age as Hielke and Sietse. The twins collect signatures because she finds that Aranchi and her family.

The Chameleon, from Saturday, april 21, at 19.25 hours on NPO Zapp

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