Tessa Thompson in a spin-off Men in Black

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Actress Tessa Thompson has a role to tackle in the spin-off of Men in Black. This reports Deadline. Tessa Thompson is known for her roles in the Thor movie, Ragnarok, and the tv series Westworld.

Tessa Thompson

F. Gary Gray, known for more Straight Outta Compton and The Fate of the Furious, the director of the yet-untitled film. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, who sparkled in Men in Black, return not back in the spin-off.

In the original film, played Smith, and Jones agents of a secret organization, that if Men in Black the world protecting against bad guys from space. In the film, in 1997, a huge success it was, were two sequels made.

The release of the new film is scheduled on 17 may 2019.

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