Sven Gatz is going to forward advertising ban

bf8b92c7a885b0255c85c33958ed8a23 - Sven Gatz is going to forward advertising ban

If the tv-stations and distributors don’t have a solution for the delayed look, wants to be minister of Media Sven Gatz (Open Vld) to intervene and flush the advertising ban. Know that The Morning. Telenet is already against. In February occurred 26 percent of the television watching is suspended. Not more than last year, but the high percentage is of commercial tv channels are still concerned. Who their programs delayed viewing, zapping typically the advertising by. And thereby miss they advertising revenue. “I understand that the viewer’s favorite programs, preferably without advertising, but that is just not. Without advertising, they are programs that in five years, not more. If the transmitters and the distributors under each other not out of touch, I will not-doorspoelbare advertising through lay away on it. We are now of the view that even with delayed viewing, although shorter, commercial breaks would get to see.”

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