Still no million viewers for the NIS debate

9e67960bac6a59019971e1c66a211f18 - Still no million viewers for the NIS debate

The NOS debate on the eve of the municipal elections is Tuesday still not a million people watched. Total voted 989.000 people off on NPO 1 to the last achievements of national political leaders to view, as appears from the figures of Foundation for sight examination.

The debate was considerably less popular than the concluding debate of last year, at the time, on the eve of the parliamentary elections. When looked at there are nearly 3.3 million people.

On primetime had RTL 4 the best figures in hands with consecutively Married at First Sight and Beau Five Days Inside with both well over a million viewers. On NPO 2 scored Here are the Rossems great numbers. The program attracted 814.000 viewers.

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