Steven Seagal denies sexual abuse

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Steven Seagal, who by two women, is accused of rape and sexual assault, says that lie. Seagals lawyer Anthony Falangetti says to TMZ that his client is guilty of sexual misconduct where the women him this week in a press conference on the accused.

Steven Seagal

Regina Simons, a figurante, who was in On Deadly Ground, accusing the actor of them raped her in 1993. The Dutch model Faviola I feel says that Seagal during an audition her breasts vastpakte. That would have happened in 2002 in a hotel in Beverly Hills when Faviola 18 years old.

Faviola I feel (l) and Regina Simons (r) during a press conference about the alleged abuse of action hero Steven Seagal. The advocatenkantoro of Lisa Bloom (m) represents the two.

Falangetti says that the statements of the women ’completely fictitious’ and ’total fabricated’. He says that the untruths ’a disservice to women who are victims of real perverts.”

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