Stadsfeestzaal cleared in Heroes of Here: Fire brigade of Antwerp

d355abf4cd934ce43d5cd004199de579 - Stadsfeestzaal cleared in Heroes of Here: Fire brigade of Antwerp

From Thursday 22 march 2018 are the Heroes of Here is back with a vengeance. This time follow the camera crews, the firemen and women of Fire brigade Zone Antwerp. Seven hundred building, non-commissioned officers and officers spread over 7 stations are there for the safety and security of the area with the largest risk of the whole country. In the first episode rushes the team o.a. in the direction of densely-populated City, where the Stadsfeestzaal is cleared.

With its world port, populous city and a large number of risky business, is the city of Antwerp, a challenging region for a fire zone. The firemen and -women training therefore day and night to the inhabitants of Zwijndrecht, Wijnegem and Antwerp to protect it. Together to more than 550,000 people. They should be prepared for the most unthinkable scenarios.

In the startaflevering advancing the team to the Stadsfeestzaal shopping centre, where smoke is noticed. The fire department has, however, the largest effort to determine the cause. “The risk is great, because of the number of people in the neighborhood”, sounds. “The possible causes are also infinite: a kitchen, a store, a cellar,… We want to be 100% sure so that safety can be guaranteed.” What is going on?

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