’Romance daughter of Andries Toggle and son Peter R. de Vries’

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The chance that Peter R. de Vries soon during the easter brunch join us at the family Tie is not unthinkable. Weekend post that his son, Royce de Vries, cases for Marije Moustache, the daughter of EO-star Andries.

Marije Toggle, Royce de Vries

Insiders at the magazine know that the two since a couple of weeks dating. “At first glance, seem to be Royce and Marije totally different types. It is also still at an early stage, but they are all very long are crazy about each other,” said the source at the Weekend.

Peter R. de Vries and his son Royce at their law firm, De Vries & Also.

That Royce and Marije have found is not a complete coincidence. The two are no strangers to the media. So it was Marije worked for the NOS, MTV and EO, and they recently returned with RTL Boulevard, where ’father-in-law’ Peter R. de Vries regularly joins him. Royce has for a while worked for Endemol, but is nowadays to be found on the law firm, De Vries & Also where his father is the director.

Marije was there Wednesday as the chickens with which to respond to the story. And even though they are the message with a smile to have read, denies them nothing. In a video on Instagram she says: “Yes, how about that? And who has told it, is mainly my question. But yes, I read that both singles look forward to their next date, so Royce, where are you going to join me?”

Andries Toggle

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