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Rabbit of the White House in boekenoorlog

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The top three books on Amazon is fully occupied by children’s books about the bunny vice-president Mike Pence. Unfortunately for Pence sell the parody of John Oliver better than the advertising work of his daughter.

The American vice-president Mike Pence is not really lovely: it is a hardliner who believes that homosexuality can be “cured”. When it turned out that the pet of the family Pence a rabbit was with the, admittedly, great name Marlon Bundo, decided the pr-people of Pence to the rabbit in full to play. Marlon Bundo got an Instagram and twitter account. And Charlotte Pence, the daughter of the vice-president, wrote for young readers a book about a day at the White House, told by the vicepresidentiële langoor. With illustrations by her mother, Karen Pence, that not only was teacher but also known as a watercolourist.

Brokeback Mountain Bunny

But John Oliver, host of the satirical nieuwsshow Last week tonight on HBO, got myself a rabbit out of his hat: a day for Marlon Bundo’s A day in the life of the vice president had to appear, his parody of A day in the life of Marlon Bundo . It is the lonely jongenskonijn Marlon fell in love with Wesley, another jongenskonijn. And unfortunately turns out to be a book about the working day of a vice-president for young readers is a lot less interesting. The parody, written by the comedienne Jill Twiss, also appears more jokes to include in their approval can count. In addition, the narrator in the audio version, the actor and comedian John Lithgow.

Guess the result: the book of the Last week tonightteam is on the one in the book list of Amazon. Their audiobook is on two. The book of the family, Pence is on the third place. On Amazon encourage fans of both camps together for the book of their team to vote, and against that of the counterparty. The books get so either one star or five. It is ago of the quarrel between the literary macho’s Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal that Americans have a boekenoorlog have been the tempers so hot.

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