Producers of ‘The Crown’ apologize for unequal wages

937c2d028a10b6859b221957d7a09c62 - Producers of 'The Crown' apologize for unequal wages

The creators of Netflix series ‘The Crown’ have their excuses offered to actors Claire Foy and Matt Smith, after it appeared that the hofdrolspeelster less was paid than her male opponent. It reports BBC News.

The pay gap between Foy and Smith came last week to the light, and then the producers stated that Smith was worth more because of his earlier starring role in the legendary series ‘Doctor Who’.

Foy would allegedly about 32,000 euros per episode have been given for the first two seasons of ‘The Crown’. It is not clear what Smith exactly was paid. However, it is clear that his salary was higher than that of Foy, which, however, the main character played.

The indignant reactions to the disclosure convert the company to immediately stir to toss. According to entertainmentmagazine Variety has co-producer, Suzanne Mackie already explained that the lead actress in the future, not less, would be paid. “In the future, no-one gets paid more than the queen,” said Mackie.

Production company: Left Bank Pictures says that the actors “this week in the centre of a media storm were without the self-blame had the” message BBC. “We want to give our apologize to both Claire Foy as Matt Smith, brilliant actors and friends,” reads the statement.

Foy has been playing for two seasons the young Queen Elizabeth II, in addition to Smith as her husband, Prince Philip. In the third and fourth season, Foy was replaced by the 44-year-old actress Olivia Colman, that figure is going to give to the vortstin in middle age.

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