Polling stations the Netherlands closed, Party is heading for a profit

14f9c5414201ba6e5df2d573a8bb6756 - Polling stations the Netherlands closed, Party is heading for a profit

In the Netherlands, all polling stations for the municipal elections since nine o’clock closed. From the first exitpolls show that Green everywhere, profits, in Utrecht they even the biggest.

Dutch voters out of 335 Dutch municipalities could today cast their vote for a new city council, that the next four years for the say get. The eyes are focused on the performance of the parties in the large major cities, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht.

In Rotterdam remains the party Leefbaar Rotterdam (liveable Rotterdam according to the first exitpolls the greatest, but will make it his worst result since the party in 2002 for the first time participated in local elections. Party wins two seats, just like the ruling party VVD of prime minister Mark Rutte and PVV of Geert Wilders.

In Utrecht, the profit Party is many times greater. Party wins 3 seats, and 12 of the 45 seats the largest party of the city. She is on the foot followed by the left-liberal party D66, Alexander Pechtold.

On the first results from the Amsterdam and Den Haag it is for the moment still wait.


Also important: in addition to the elections were the Dutch in a referendum to also comment on the so-called ‘sleepwet’. That bill extends the powers of the Dutch intelligence services. Thus, they would, for example, much easier digital communication interception and eavesdropping.

It is not yet to say what the outcome of that referendum. According to a exitpoll that the NIS had run, the outcome tonight is still too close to call’.

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