Peruvian president Kuczynski get on

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The Peruvian president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who under great pressure, stood by a smeergeldaffaire, has resigned. Thus occurred an Thursday planned impeachment procedure in the parliament.

Oppositieleidster Keiko Fujimori, daughter of former president Alberto Fujimori, was a parliamentary procedure to put him under duress to let go. In the presidential election of 2016, she lost of Kuczynski with a difference of a quarter percent. Vice-president Martín Vizcarra must now, in principle, the presidency of Kuczynski to take over.

Kuczynski accused the opposition Wednesday night when the announcement of his resignation on television; he has no other choice. The opposition, with a majority of seats in the parliament, has from the first day of his term of office are regeringswerk blocked, he says. “The political debate has created a climate of onbestuurbaarheid brought to pass, which we could not continue their work”, he added.

The decisive factor for the dismissal, according to Peruvian media, the Tuesday and Wednesday by politicians of the opposition has published video images. Should ministers and employees of Kuczynski to see who votes ronselden against an impeachment procedure in exchange for consideration. Then had several members of parliament for their support for Kuczynski terminated.


The former president is suspected of involvement in the corruption scandal surrounding the Brazilian bouwreus Odebrecht. The company paid in all of Latin America hundreds of millions of dollars in kickbacks to large government projects. Kuczynski of the centre-right party Peruanos Por el Kambio has always denied money believed to have of Odebrecht.

In a first impeachment procedure in december failed the opposition under the leadership of Keiko Fujimori in her intent. Shortly after got the because of violations of the rights to 25-year prison sentenced ex-president Fujimori grace. Fujimori’s son Kenji would be about a deal concluded with Kuczynski.

First vice president Vizcarra follows according to the constitution, the 79-year-old Kuczynski. If Vizcarra nor the second vice-president, Mercedes Aráoz, the presidential office would take over, there will be new elections.

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