Perschef Vatican is moving on after controversy surrounding papal letter

9d36dc66d35fd76a0a4df3548f7fe7b7 - Perschef Vatican is moving on after controversy surrounding papal letter

Dario Vigano, the head of the communicatiedepartement of the Vatican, has resigned his post offered. He is accused of manipulating a papal letter.

“In the last few days there is a lot of controversy around my work,” says Vigano in a letter of resignation to pope Francis. He let us know that he leaves to the reform of the communication department of the Vatican not to delay, impair or even block.”

Pope Francis responded, also by letter, the dismissal. ‘After a long time to have thought about your question and with attention to the motives to have looked at (…), I respect your decision and I accept, with some effort, your dismissal.”

Vigano published last week a letter in the media of the former pope Benedict XVI, in which his successor Francis in a good light. Passages in which Benedict is more critical about the current pope, however, were removed from the letter.

In the letter rejected the 90-year-old predecessor of the current pope, the criticism that pope Francis the church could inflict with his progressive theology. Benedict also spoke of the suggestions from conservative corner against Francis academic are not educated enough. He praised his successor as a man with a solid philosophical and theological formation, and observed – ‘in spite of all the differences in style and temperament’ – a degree of continuity between their respective pontificaten.

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