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More sex, violence…and smoking: ‘Deadly habit of normalized’

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Netflix criticism of a antitabaksorganisatie: in his series is twice as much smoke as with series to traditional tv channels broadcasting.

Streamingsdiensten are not subject to the same restrictions as traditional channels. That leads to more sex, violence, swearing, and smoking. This is evident from a report of the American health organization in Truth Initiative.

The organization has the 14 most popular programs for viewers between 15 and 24 years from different televisieaanbieders compared. She found that in Netflix series tobacco 319 time to bid came, twice as much as with series, which are traditional tv channels broadcasting.

At the top of the list, Stranger things. In the series are 182 scenes with cigarettes counted. Other Netflix series, Orange is the new Black (45), House of cards (41), Fuller house (22), and the documentary series Making a Murderer (20).


The steep rise of streaming services has led to a “ubiquitous” of smoking on screen, ” says Robin Koval, ceo of Truth Initiative. According to him, the deadly habit is so normalized and glorified by millions of young people’.

Netflix has not commented on the results themselves. ‘While streaming more popular than ever, we are happy that smoking is not, ” says a spokesperson Variety. “We would like to know more about the study.’

In general, it brings in 79 percent of the sequences that are analyzed smoking is prominent in the image. When digital content is tobacco strikingly more present.

In the past

It used to be cigarettes very common in movies. Often went the product placement of the tobacco industry. So would Sylvester Stallone ever $ 500,000 have been given to cigarettes of Brown & Williamson to show in five of his films. Under the pressure of antitabaksorganisaties was later added to the grant of a rating account of smoking, in addition to sex and violence.

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