Michel van den Brande rushed to the hospital

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It does not go well with “The Sky is the Limit” -starred Michel van den Brande. He had to be rushed to the hospital and it took a while before it really helped. That he made himself known on Facebook.

“I have a pain in the chest and should tomorrow under the scanner”, he writes in a Facebookbericht. “Now I have to take antibiotics and I get every day two more injections to no blood clots.”

During the weekend, Michel had to say excruciating pains in his chest. “I have out of respect for the doctors waited until 10 pm, because it was Sunday. After long insistence, they promised us a doctor to send after the afternoon.” But because the doctor didn’t show up, reed Van den Brande himself to the hospital in Blankenberge.“We were friendly received, and they had no understanding of my anxiety! There, I was asked all my clothes off and down to lie down. What I can’t by my panic attacks. Which they give us no further help wanted to offer.”

“Then I went to the spoedarts driven in Sint-Niklaas. There I was immediately rushed pulled, where we will be on a friendly and in a professional way and were helped! Anything from clothes, directly to the monitor, blood drawn, oxygen and a few painkillers.”

The hellish pain on the left side of his chest turned out to be the result of a fall in which Van den Brande, two ribs broke. Therefore, there would be blood in his lungs ended up.

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