Meghan Trainor had a lot of fears to overcome

3c4edf4862c8dfa01cf7f636b582b48e - Meghan Trainor had a lot of fears to overcome

Meghan Trainor came after a surgery on her vocal cords back with a new single. But now it seems that not only do they physically had to restore it, reports RTL.

Meghan Trainor

“I had to go through a deep, deep valley,” says Meghan Trainor. She is afraid that her vocal cords her still in the plug would let and began to panic. “I had many fears to overcome and I was very nervous during my first gig with Ellen DeGeneres.” In the show she showed her new single No Apologies to hear.

The Grammy-winner was a lot of her emotions on her new album. Also the anger that she felt after she realized that as an artist, though often not in the right way treated. She made ageism and sexism, she says.

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