Mark Zuckerberg responds to Facebook scandal: ‘mistakes made’

a5e172cfb4b85659f8264b4f3b897ea0 - Mark Zuckerberg responds to Facebook scandal: ‘mistakes made’

Mark Zuckerberg has for the first reacted to the scandal around Cambridge Analytica. That company would have personal information of tens of millions of facebook users have used to kiezersprofielen to make during the campaign of Donald Trump.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and owner of Facebook, has tonight on his personal profile page, the silence around the scandal broken. In the post says the ceo that his company better be best to do.

“We have the responsibility of your data to protect it. If we can’t, we earn yours isn’t, ” says Zuckerberg of the shore. “I have in recent days worked hard to understand what is lost, but also to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.’

Zuckerberg also emphasised that, according to him, ‘fortunately, also good news to report. ‘The most important measures that should ensure that this can’t happen again, we have years ago already taken. But we have also made mistakes, and harder to work to ensure that that does not re-occur.’

Then it gives the managers a list of intentions that he even promises to perform. He says that Facebook and all applications that have access to a large mass of data under the magnifying glass will hold. In addition, developers of applications less access to the personal data of facebook users than was previously the case.


Finally, there is also a new tool for facebook users, which they are easier to keep track of what personal data they disclose the use of certain applications.

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