Man injured in the sixth blast in Austin and bompakket intercepted

3017100aea4819ac2dd261f5cfae0f06 - Man injured in the sixth blast in Austin and bompakket intercepted

When a new explosion in the Texas town of Austin is Tuesday night, one man, a thirty-something, injured. There was also a bompakket intercepted. A series of attacks with bound bomb parcels demanded since the beginning of this month, already have two lives in the city.

The thirties was the most recent explosion seriously wounded, but is not in critical condition, tweeting the emergency services in Austin. It is already the sixth explosion since 2 march.

The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) tweeting that this time there is no pakketbom, but of a combustible device. ‘Currently there seems to be no connection with the bompakketmoorden’, according to the ATF.

The explosion took Tuesday night to place it in a Goodwill store in south Austin. The injured man was an employee of the store. The chain closed as a precaution, all of the shops.

Earlier in the day there were two incidents, both in FedEx offices, which, according to the police, however, linked would be the series of bombings. In a sorting centre of the parcel delivery service near San Antonio exploded around 1 hour a package that was sent was from Austin and was destined for an address in that city. A woman became thereby injured. Around 6.20 pm reported a FedEx office near the airport of Austin a suspicious package. A explosieventeam checked the package and the police confirmed later that it was indeed a bomb contained.

In both plants would packets of now be screened.

The police and FBI assume that in the region a ‘serial bomber’ at work.

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