Macaulay Culkin on his first time: ’Hot and sticky’

4945aecc6a809096bff9aed38fa54577 - Macaulay Culkin on his first time: ’Hot and sticky’

Macaulay Culkin is known as a open book and also as is asked of him to his first time having sex, he takes no sheet before the mouth. “It was so hot and sticky and there were so many strange smells!”

The now 37-year-old kinderster reveals in an interview with Anna Faris that he was fifteen years old when ’it’ happened. “During my first time sex we listened to The White Album, and I asked myself just wondering whether I did well.”

On the question of at what age Culkin wants his children to their virginity lose, he reacts slightly more cautious. “I was 15 years old, so younger than that, I would not be okay. But I prefer of course to wait until their 32nd and they are married!”, he says, laughing.

The Home Alone star would not say with whom he has this special sticky moment shared.

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