Lindsay Lohan face of advocatensite

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Advocatensite has Lindsay Lohan brought in as the figurehead. In her first commercial for the site, which makes the actress plenty of jokes about her own legal lives in the past.

Lindsay Lohan

“When they approached me I was confused and a bit scared, because I thought that I was in trouble had worked,” said Lindsay about her association with the site, a kind of search engine where visitors can find an attorney can choose. “The idea behind is people protect. Such as when you are arrested for driving under the influence. Let’s not pretend that that never happened. Or two or three times.”

Former kindster Lindsay was since 2007 several times arrested, for reckless driving, driving under the influence, shoplifting and violating the terms of her probation. They ended up repeatedly in jail, although they because of a celtekort two times within a day again stood out. Lindsay knows a lot of her problems on her addictions to drugs and alcohol, and had several times obliged to rehab. The actress closed her last probation two years ago.

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