Lenie ’t Hart put convicted spouse on the street

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Lenie ’t Hart has more than 25 years, a point put behind her marriage. After the shocking revelations about her husband, the sexual abuse of children is condemned Karst van der M. (68), the 76-year-old zeehondenmoeder do nothing more than the door ways. That she tells this week exclusively to weekly Private.

Lillie says that they, the press could not handle, after the cases, the director of numerous children’s series such under fire came to lie because of detailed stories of young victims who had reported to the Private. “The break is a fact. Karst no longer live with me. I couldn’t bear it anymore,” said the excited zeehondenverzorgster.

Although Lillie could hardly comprehend that her spouse had engaged in the abuse of several children, she knew, however, that Of of M. once the error was entered. The dierenverzorgster, that between 1971 and 2014 was related to the seal sanctuary in Pieterburen, at that time it had heard of the condemnation of her husband, but did not know all the gruesome details.

The exclusive story this week to read in the weekly Private.

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