’Laura Dern return in Jurassic Park’

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If Jeff Goldblum is, will Laura Dern back in Jurassic Park. That said the actor against ET. The actress appeared in 1993 along with Jeff and Sam Neill in the original Steven Spielberg film.

Laura has never made any secret that they love to Ellie Sattler, her character in the dinofilm, would like to play. After the first movie was the actress also briefly in the third film of the Jurassic Park. Jeff, who is mathematician Ian Malcolm in the films, hopes now that she will accompany in a new Jurassic Park. “It would be good news for me and for everyone when Ellie Sattler return. She is a very powerful, brilliant woman. Just like Laura,” said Jeff.

Also, fans of Jurassic Park to see a return. That turned out to be at the end of last year. When caused Laura to stir with her fans. During an interview with Good Morning America she said that it might be time for a return of her character, paleontologist Ellie Sattler.

Jeff was since The Lost World from 1997 not seen in a Jurassic Park movie, but he makes a long awaited return in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom later this year. Also Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard do it again. Their characters Owen and Claire are on a mission to see the remaining dinosaurs to save on Isla Nublar are left after a volcano them with extinction seems to threaten.

Laura Dern in Jurassic Park

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