“Justin Bieber is nice and loose with a blond woman”

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Justin Bieber has been recently spotted while going out with a blonde fine and that the rumors plenty of flare up. He would be about the break-up with Selena back?

Justin Bieber

It would be a temporary break, said both Selena as Justin when she was more than a week ago said some distance from each other. And, even though it was intended as a temporary, Bieber seemed devastated to have to re-his high school sweetheart to lose. But during a night out on the town, he saw much better.

Eyewitnesses told Entertainment Tonight: “Justin was seen putting his arm around her waist had smitten, and they danced ever against him.” And while he was there earlier this week during a day spa in California is still very sad-looking, was during the evening now one and all charming smile.

Or Selena it will sit? Provisionally, located it miles away in the Australian sun to enjoy a well deserved vacation.

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