Judge denies questioning Obama

ae038d2efca60895e0ac78a6925c34ac - Judge denies questioning Obama

WELLINGTON – A court in New Zealand on Wednesday a request by internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom denied to the American ex-president Barack Obama heard in the schadezaak around his company Megaupload. According to the court, it is not clear that his examination would be relevant.

Dotcom requires about 10 billion dollars of the New Zealand and American authorities because his company say it is broken. Also, is his freedom for seven years already restricted.

Dotcom is in the US, convicted for the breach of copyright and money laundering. His company Megaupload, a service where users files in the cloud could save, was in 2012 at the request of the United States addressed.

According to Dotcom, in New Zealand was arrested, the case against him politically motivated. He has so far successfully his extradition challenged.

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