Journalists, De Persgroep and MEDIALAAN, probably on 1 workplace

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De Persgroep Publishing and MEDIALAAN be one media company active in television, publishing, radio and telco. In that new media company will go to the various news desks work together in News City. It comes to the editorial boards of, among others, The Latest News,, De Morgen, HUMO, Day All and VTM NEWS. The new media company wants to be the reference in Flanders for news, both in text and video, on any carrier: from television over print, online to radio. Each editor works independently and is controlled by a separate editor-in-chief. The News City is led by a three-headed nieuwsdirectie: Director of News Paul Daenen, Director of News Kris Hoflack and Managing Editor News Kurt Minnen.

Paul Daenen, Director of News: “News City, different nieuwsmerken together under one roof and we are creating a place where we can work together. It is not a single editorial, but to cooperating editors, each with their individuality and independence.”

Kris Hoflack, Director of News: “It is literally the News City that never sleeps. This ensures that we are ready for the journalism of the future: anytime, anywhere, and live.”

The three-headed nieuwsdirectie leads and coordinates News City, takes the strategic decisions, and works in close consultation with the story of the collaborating editors. Kurt Minnen takes the business lead and is responsible for the organization, the related processes and the digital strategy. Paul Daenen coordinates the kortetermijnflow with the daily flow of the several different brands on all platforms, in which the independence of the various editors-in-chief guards. Kris Hoflack coordinates the langetermijnflow, actua, and sports programming and journalistic files and projects.

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