Jake Hampel breaks definitively with Barbie

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Not a day goes by, or Samantha the Young, Barbie, is not in the news. Today passes them, once again, the revue, which is again a huge impact on the lives of Samantha will have. Manager Jake Hampel is all ready with his former favourite and attracts permanently the power cord from the cooperation with Barbie.

Jake Hampel

In Private, he explains:

“Along this way, I want the media to inform you that Jake Hampel, the spokesman for Samantha Young and her family with immediate effect cease. On 16 January 2018 I am after a family counseling regarding the crisis surrounding Samantha’s health asked to be the spokesman on this matter for as long as necessary.

While there have been several news items passed, and it seems that Samantha’s mental strength is great enough to publicly state his opinion and not always in a respectful way.

For the record, I have my management activities already in september of the past year ended. After the divorce, and the production of the program, Samantha and Michael to separate them from’ I have to do this.

In various publications I’m below bad trading, but that has me never deter private yet for Samantha to be ready. Via has WhatsApp them to me on march 7, jl. yet a program asked, looking for a property, and on 14 march, they post that they have no interview to Story had given in which she is negative about my person has spoken!

Therefore, contact to the last breath, energy consuming, contradictory and confusing.

I thank everyone who is in the communication about Samantha the Young me respectfully dealt with and experience the past eight years as a hectic, but successful era.

Samantha and her parents, I wish you much strength and wisdom.”

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