Hitlergroet of dog gets tail

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COUTBRIDGE – The man that the dog of his girlfriend Hitlergroet taught, is condemned by the Scottish courts. When the man is “sieg heil” or “vergas the Jews” said, responded to the dog on command.

The video of Mark Meechan was more than a million views. “My girlfriend creates always on about how cute her dog is,” says Meechan at the beginning of the video. “I thought: let’s change him in the least cute thing ever, a Nazi.”

In the courtroom defended Meechan video. “The Holocaust is a terrible thing, what never should happen, but we can be better about jokes, because my eyes are horrible things less painful if you think about it can smile,” he said, according to the Jewish Chronicle.

The dog.

The judge decided not to go along with Meechans argument. Also weighed in at that he, according to the court, with the movie trying to get more online traffic to his other videos. It was, therefore, not only to his girlfriend, to irritate, such as Meechan claimed.

Meechan was sentenced for ’hate crime’. What punishment he gets, is not yet known. The video is now removed by YouTube.

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