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Gatz is considering ban on forward advertising

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Flemish minister of Media Sven Gatz (Open VLD) connects a ban on the flushing of advertising is not like tv-stations and distributors don’t have a solution for the delayed viewing.

Linear television viewing seems to be on the return. In the meantime, happens more than a quarter of all tv-watching is delayed. That is to say that viewers of their program’s request or included. Usually rinse viewers than advertising. So miss Telenet, Proximus and the stations a lot of advertising revenue.

The largest players break there are already more than a year the head about, but a solution is still not there. Now reports The Latest News that mediaminister Sven Gatz, if Proximus and Telenet don’t have a solution, want to intervene and flushing of advertising per decree will prohibit.

“If the need for a healthy media landscape to maintain, then I’ll do that. Then we sit again for a few years, ” says Gatz.

At the delayed look, would the viewer is shorter, commercial breaks. In programs of Medialaan (VTM, Q2, Vitaya, Q2), it is already not possible to advertising to flush if your program is requesting.

That commercial breaks can be flushed, is a thorn in the eye of the tv channels. “If people advertising continue forward, Flemish television is doomed,” said SBS-boss Peter Quaghebeur (Four and Five) about this last year in our newspaper. What had previously Telenet chief John Porter even more finely judged for the flushing of advertising.

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