Garry Hagger going to be touring with Jukebox

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Garry Hagger has with Jukebox released a new album. There is also a tour associated with it. The start he gave back in september last year with a unique show in the Theater Elckerlyc. In Ment, on Sunday told the singer with the golden voice that he used in his home village of Tielrode songs sang from the jukebox. That he is singing qualities had, in his childhood already clear. Villagers cease to all 5 frank in the unit. The young Gert, as its real name is then began to sing. There the idea was born to do. Songs from the 60’s and 70’s, he is in the Netherlands going to rework it, of course, a contemporary arrangement and ended up on the new album. The were all songs that are immortal, says the singer in the Basement studio.

On april 7, begins Garry Hagger on his new tour CC The Wick to Zele to 20 hours. Tickets are available via the Then this will show still more places to see. For all further info we recommend to to surfing. A taste of what you can expect to see you on Thursday, march 22, at Ment Tv for 21 hours.

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