Friend The Flexican pregnant

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Thomás Goethals, better known as dj The Flexican, father. His girlfriend Emanuelle is pregnant, so she made it known via Instagram.

“The nature, the universe has my great love Thomás and I the greatest gift of life and my female-are given”, writes Emmanuelle. “For over five months, almost six – ago, a soul my body, to light, to manifest in matter. Now there is growing a beautiful and so special minimens in my belly and The Flexican and I was more than pleased about, fall in love with and curious about this mega adventure.”

The 34-year-old The Flexican is known from the number Bumaye Typhoon. The number was in 2013 an international hit in the performance of Major Lazer. Also, The Flexican as a producer member of released Big Names.

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